Flatten the Curve-updated guidelines


As Utah moves from “red” to “orange” in terms of COVID-19 risk, here’s some updated guidance. We urge all of our members to review the guidance, and let’s all work together to continue to “flatten the curve,” and get our economy back to work.

For all the latest information you can also visit the Utah Corona Virus website at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/

Click below to download the PDFs.


Asphalt and Recycling

Weather and heavy use are a fact of life, and because of them, roads have to be repaired regularly. What most people don’t realize, though, is that when road crews remove asphalt during projects to resurface or widen roads, 99% of the asphalt is recycled. Environmental Protection Agency statistics for more than 20 years show that more asphalt is recycled annually than any other U.S. product. More asphalt is recycled than aluminum, glass, paper or plastic.

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