Paving the future

Lunch and Learn program

The UAPA Lunch & Learn Program helps members stay current about specification changes. Members get information about new products and innovations. Our events, including the lunch & learns, are also an opportunity for industry networking.

We look for presenters who are industry experts or who are well-educated about their specific subject. They are expected to be able to deal with whatever the topic is. Lunch & Learn sessions often generate a lot of follow-up conversations and meetings. Those who hear the presentations often take the information back to their colleagues, and that prompts additional conversations.

These sessions will give you the right tools to be able to make good decisions, and help you to find the right path for the particular problem you are trying to solve. The fact that they are free does not hurt either. They are also a great first exposure to UAPA. Please check our Events page for upcoming Lunch & Learn events, as well as other events held throughout the year.