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Schedule of Events

::February 21-22, 2018::


South Towne Expo Center


Early bird rates end December 31.

2018 UAC Attendee Registration Rates:

Agency Rates:

$125 by December 31, 2017 (Early Bird Rate)

$150 after December 31, 2017

$175 after February 7, 2018 (Late Registration)

UAPA Member Rates:

$150 by December 31, 2017 (Early Bird Rate)

$175 after December 31, 2017

$200 after February 7, 2018 (Late Registration)

Non-Member Rates:

$225 by December 31, 2017 (Early Bird Rate)

$250 after December 31, 2017

$275 after February 7, 2018 (Late Registration)

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Cancellation & Refund Policy:
All attendee cancellations must be received in writing prior to February 1, 2018.
All attendee refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $25.
No refunds will be made for "No Shows" or cancellations after February 1st.

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2018 Keynote Speakers

Tim Border - Opening Session Keynote - Day 1
9:00am-10:00am - Day 1
Opening Session in Exhibit Hall General Session Seating Area


David Okerland - Lunch Keynote - Day 1
Luncheon Keynote Speaker - Day 1

David Okerlund grew up in a rural, Midwestern town of Manchester, Iowa where as a young teenager he saved up money- to go on to college by working on the town's garbage route.  Till this day he still says that, "It was the best job I have ever had in my entire career.  It taught me more about the value of commitment and endurance than one might ever dare to believe." From there he went on to Hastings College in Nebraska where he became a nationally ranked speech and forensic speaker.  After graduation he became a teacher in Iowa where in his first year he was nominated as the Outstanding Young Speech Educator for the state. After leaving teaching, David became what he affectionately calls a "road toad warrior." He defines that as a salesperson who can drive over 100,000 miles a year and still love selling. In the late seventies David moved into management as a special assistant to the college president.  Shortly after that he became fund development director for a large heart hospital.  And then an administrator for a 350 bed trauma center hospital. In 1983 David's speaking abilities gained national attention when he finished in the final three of the World Championship of Public Speaking; a contest that includes over 20,000 contestants from over 45 different countries. In 1984 David was an instructor at Oxford University where he taught speech and debate. In 1987 David decided to pursue a speaking career on a full time basis has developed a reputation as one of the finest speakers in the United States.  He is a member of the International Hall of Fame for speakers and has shared the platform with American greats like Bob Hope, Lee Iacocca, Robert Schuller, and others.

Opening Session Keynote - Day 2
8:30am-9:45am - Day 2 - Speaker #1
Opening Session in Exhibit Hall General Session Seating Area


Lunch Keynote - Day 2
12:00pm-1:45pm - Day 2
Luncheon Keynote Speaker


2018 Education Tracks

Track #1: Asphalt Basics/Industry Innovation & Design

Asphalt Basics: Designed to give a basic understanding of all things asphalt, this track is for those who may be new to the industry or those who may need to just brush up on their knowledge base in this fast-moving and and ever-changing industry. More than just the simple basics, this track also offers attendees the chance to hear from top-notch presenters from Utah and around the country on key topics that affect our industry.

Industry Innovation & Design: What are the challenges facing industry? What are some of the solutions that may be out there? As an industry, what have we done and what we will we do moving forward to seize upon the challenges and opportunities being presented to us? These are just some of the questions centered on the creation of the Industry, Innovation, and Design Track for the Utah Asphalt Conference. Attendees of this track are afforded the opportunity to not only learn about award-winning projects from the previous year, but the chance to also realize where industry may be headed moving forward.

Session 1: Milling

11:00am-12:00noon - Day 1

Session 2: The Basics of Specifying Asphalt - Applications & Examples

1:30pm-2:30pm - Day 1

Session 3: The Simple Basics of Paving

3:00pm-4:00pm - Day 1

Session 4: Tooele County Finds the Benefits of FDR

10:00am-11:00am - Day 2

Session 5: Trucking Regulation Changes 11:30am-12:30pm - Day 2

Session 6: UAPA Local Government Council Roundtable

1:45pm-2:45pm - Day 2

Session 7: UDOT Roundtable: DTT; Mix Design Verification; Specification Across Regions

3:15pm-4:15pm - Day 2


Track #2: Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation:

Session #1: Trenching

11:00am-12:00noon - Day 1

Session #2: MNROAD & NCAT Pavement Preservation Studies - Findings from Both Test Tracks

1:30pm-2:30pm - Day 1

Session #3: The Pavment Management Plan = What to do once You have It?

3:00pm-4:00pm - Day 1

Session #4:

10:00am-11:00am - Day 2

Session #5: Winter Repair Options

11:30am-12:30pm - Day 2

Session #6: Micro Surfacing: Improving Quality Via Specifications

1:45pm-2:45pm - Day 2

Session #7:

3:15pm-4:15pm - Day 2


Track #3: Construction & Engineering

Created to focus on topics, opportunities, and issues central to the asphalt pavement industry, this track offers attendees the chance to learn about topics critical to successful projects and planning. From management of our workforce to workplace safety, this track offers insights and education on topics that affect your bottomline whether you are an owner or a contractor, this track is for you.

Session 1: A Perspective from Indusry on Recent Specification Changes

11:00am-12:00noon - Day 1

Session 2: Cold Weather Paving

1:30pm-2:30pm - Day 1

Session 3:

3:00pm-4:00pm - Day 1

Session 4: Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Projects in 2017 - Small Projects

10:00am-11:00am - Day 2

Session 5: Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Projects in 2017 - Large Projects

11:30am-12:30pm - Day 2  

Session 6: Paving & Compaction Principles - Part 1

1:45pm-2:45pm - Day 2   

Session 7: Paving & compaction Principles - Part 2

3:15pm-4:15pm - Day 2

Track #4: Safety, Aggregates, & Asphalt Production

Safety, Aggregates & Aspahlt Production -

Session #1: Traffic Management & Safety

11:00am-12:00noon - Day 1

Session #2: Plant & Terminal Safety

1:30pm-2:30pm - Day 1

Session #3: UDOT Lime QMP: Is the Pain Worth the Gain?

3:00pm-4:00pm - Day 1

Session #4: Turning Mix Designs Into Asphalt

10:00am-11:00am - Day 2

Session #5: Specifying Equipment: When to Use a Cone v. Impactor

11:30am-12:00pm - Day 2

Session #6: Loading Out & Sampling Asphalt at Plants

1:45pm-2:45pm - Day 2

Session #7: Maximizing Production Output at Your Aggregate Plant

3:15pm-4:15pm - Day 2


2018 Uapa LAB of the Year Awards

Congratulations to each of our Lab winners. Winners will be presented awards at the 2018 Utah Asphalt Conference at South Towne Expo Center on February 22nd.

UDOT Region:




2018 Uapa Industry Dinner



Please join us for the 2018 Annual Utah Asphalt Pavement Association Annual Industry Dinner, which will be held the night of February 21, 2017 at the South Towne Expo Center. It will be a memorable night of delicious food, drinks, and pleasant conversation with your fellow Asphalt Industry leaders and spouses.

The Event begins at 6:00 p.m. with a reception, followed by dinner at 6:30. Our featured speakers of the evening will include Reed Ryan, Executive Director of UAPA and outgoing president Waylund Ludlow with Geneva Rock Products.

Tickets pricing $65 per person or $600 per table. Seating is limited, so advanced reservations are required and should be made early. Tickets must be purchased no later than February 14, 2018.

For additional information or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Reed Ryan at 801-916-2426.


Reception: 6:00pm

Dinner & Program: 6:30pm

Pricing: $65 per person or $600 per table (table of 10)

Register by clicking the link below or calling Reed Ryan at 801.916.2426


Register for the UAPA Annual Industry Dinner


Exhibitors & Sponsors 2018

There are plenty of opportunities for your organization to be part of the biggest and best asphalt event in the state. Plus don't miss out on the new Product Theater. The new Product Theater gives you a chance to talk about your product or service in a new format, an educational breakout format, away from the noise of a busy exhibit hall. Space is limited for Product Theater, so reserve early for your organization.

Vendor Prospectus - Learn why you SHOULD be in attendance with a booth display.

Exhibitor Booth Pricing:

$550 - Member Rate before January 1st.

$600 - Nonmember Rate before January 1st


$600 - Member Rate beginning January 1st

$650 - Nonmember Rate beginning January 1st

Purchase and additional booth for $500.

Additional staff - $100

2018 Exhibitor Floor Layout (PDF)

Exhibtor Rules & Regulations

Exhibitor Display Packet including move-in and move-out times (coming soon)

Register for Exhibit Booth Space

Sponsorship Rates:

Black & Gold Sponsorship: $3000

Black & Silver Sponsorship: $1500

Black & Bronze Sponsorship: $750

Lunch Sponsorship: $500 (per lunch)

Break Sponsorship: $250 (per break)

Sponsorship Details (PDF)

Register for Sponsorship

Bulk Space Pricing:

Inside Bulk Space for Members - $2.10/sq ft

Inside Bulk Space for Nonmembers - $2.25/sq ft

Outside Bulk Space - $.50/sq ft with a booth space

Outisde Bulk Space - $1.50 sq/ft without a booth space

Contact Reed Ryan to secure your bulk exhibit display space - 801.916.2426

Exhibitor Display Packet including move-in and move-out times (coming soon)




Photography Policy:

As a registered attendee of the Utah Asphalt Conference, I hereby assign and grant to the Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA), as well as their authorized representatives, the right and permission to use and publish the photographs/film/videotapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings made of me or of my employees, and I hereby release the UAPA, Association Soluitons, and all employees, volunteers, related parties, or other organizations associated with the event from any and all liability from such use and publication. I further authorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage, and/or distribution of said photographs/film/videotapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of the UAPA, and I specifically waive any right to any compensation I may have for any of the foregoing.